GEOPILE  has been operating in the markets of Moldova and Romania since 2016 and is rapidly developing in its field of activity, constantly replenishing its own client base. We take a very responsible attitude to the recruitment of specialists, so only first-class architects, engineers, designers and managers work for us, taking into account all the wishes and requirements of customers.

At this time, GEOPILE  It employs 15 highly qualified employees who are trained professionally and efficiently to perform work of any complexity.
Our technique:
The GEOPILE  company has in stock special equipment that allows to implement projects of any complexity.
– stackers (2 pcs.);
– drilling rig – 2 pcs.
We offer a wide range of services and always take a responsible approach to fulfilling our obligations. You can contact our specialists at any time and get the necessary advice. It is profitable and convenient to cooperate with us, since we ourselves are engaged in the production of piles and the erection of foundations – this allows customers to significantly save time and money. We are preferred by many companies that highly value the quality of our services and reasonable cost.
Products are characterized by high strength and durability, since we use reliable materials and equipment in the production process.

Of course, over time, even the highest quality foundation wears out and is damaged, being exposed to harmful influences. In this case, you can order a restoration service from us, which will significantly extend the operational life of the foundation and ensure the safety of the building. We find and eliminate all defects in the foundation, thanks to which many clients trust us.

The installation of foundations is carried out by us without damaging the soil; our specialists are also able to develop a project of a pile field in the shortest possible time, taking into account all the features of the soil.
You can clarify all questions by calling the office, whose employees are attentive to each client. They are well versed in our products, and can also tell in detail about the services we provide (erection of foundations, installation of piles, and many others).

We work efficiently, efficiently and accurately, you will leave only positive feedback on our activities!

Optimization of design solutions for pile foundations, taking into account the mutual influence of piles and the operation of a low grate on their load-bearing capacity. Thanks to the joint efforts of scientists, designers and builders, significant progress has been made both in this field of construction and in construction in general, which has made it possible to bring the design of pilot foundations to the modern level.

Pressing in piles is the most modern method of constructing pile foundations for residential and industrial construction, it is used all over the world. In Russia, in a country with complex geology, this method is most in demand. Modern technology even plunges heavy piles of large cross-sections – 350 × 350 mm and 400 × 400 mm.

The foundation is a very responsible and technologically difficult stage of building a house.
Most customers do not understand the importance of the foundation and try to save on it. In our company, prices for foundations are slightly higher than those of competitors, but this is due to the high quality of work and adherence to technology.

GEOPILE. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.


We produce works of the highest quality and are responsible for the result.

Certified Experience

Our company is fully certified. All employees are highly qualified and the equipment is reliable.

Competitive Pricing

We always care about our clients and are happy to offer flexible payment systems to our partners.


We give a quality guarantee for all work carried out.


GEOPILE S.R.L. on the market since 2016. We have vast experience in the field.


Our experts are always ready to provide you with the necessary support and advice on any issues.